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The purpose of Alpha Pi Phi is to promote a sisterhood united through love, loyalty and friendship;

To foster confidence in young women and to aid in the development of their leadership skills;

To encourage members to conduct themselves with grace, dignity and moral integrity;

To cultivate academic excellence and nurture generosity through active philanthropy for the betterment of the community. 



The sisters of Zeta chapter recognize and acknowledge that students of McMaster University and Mohawk College meet and learn on the traditional territories of the Mississauga and Haudenosaunee nations, and within the lands protected by the "Dish With One Spoon" wampum, an agreement to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes.  We recognize our responsibility, as guests on this land, to respect the sacred relationship the Indigenous peoples have with the land, and to learn more about its rich history.


Hello everyone! 

We are so happy that you are interested in our organization. My name is Ava and I am honoured to be President of Zeta Chapter during the 2021-2022 school year.


This will be my third year on the executive council, and second year as President. I am beyond ecstatic to watch what the amazing young women in Zeta Chapter accomplish this year. 


Having been a part of this amazing organization for the past three and a half years, I am confident in saying that joining Alpha Pi Phi was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having immigrated to Canada when I was younger, I have always understood the need for support and family. This organization has given me, and continues to give me, the best support system I could have ever asked for. 


Having now entered my final year at McMaster University and beginning to prepare for my next chapter in life, I am only certain of one thing, whatever the future holds, I have my sisters to support me. 


To say the sorority is a family would be an understatement. Our sisterhood is built on uplifting one another, being the person you can call at any hour of the day to talk to, we are here for each other through our happiest of moments, but also through the most difficult times of our lives. These friendships that this organization has allowed me to build far surpass university, they are lifelong. 


As a sisterhood we are here to support every female-identifying student at McMaster University and Mohawk College. We hold the pillars of sisterhood, leadership, philanthropy, and academic excellence close to our hearts.. 


I never imagined myself a “sorority girl” but I now realize what its true connotations are - someone who aims at bettering the world through philanthropy, someone who is driven academically, someone who is a leader not a follower, and most importantly, someone who is loved by her sisters fiercely. 


Joining a sorority may not have been something you had considered previously, but I encourage you, like I myself did, to take a chance and rush. It was the best decision I ever made, and it could be yours too. 


Phi Love!


Ava Roozrogousheh


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